Erisan Information

The Erisians are a patriarchal society. The planet is an M class and most of the inhabitants live in small city states similar to those of ancient Greece and Rome on Earth. But that is where the similarities of life end. Each City State is ruled by a king and all king answer to the High Lord, who rules in the capital of Erisa.


The men rule this planet, and women are seen as nothing more then pawns in political games and useless unless bearing male children. This society is applying for federation membership. It gained warp capability in the federation year 2265.

The issues the Federation have with the WOMEN not being treated equally is basically holding up full membership. The Erisians clothing is very old English, middle ages style, and their technology may have advanced to be near equal of some of the federation worlds, but they still hold true to the old ways of knights, swords and the like.


The Royal Family
The Ruling Kings
The High Lord's Council
Erisan Religion
Erisian Military
Erisian Culture
The Banking Guild

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