Erisan Religion

Erisan Religion is founded on the basis that 6 gods came down and created the world, and the people.
Lord Jeremy Halls, High Priest of the Six Gods rules over the various priests who serve the 6 Gods. He is also on the High Lord's Council.

The Six Gods

But there is a hidden cult, known as the Triadic Cult. They are against the mainstream religion.
The High Priestess of this religion is not known to those outside it.
Triadic Cult

These are the main gods, and the vast majority of the people worship the six gods.


Erisian tradition is normally burial in a crypt, or grave. Noble houses have large family crypts that have millenia of family members in it.

A body is normally embalmed and then burried. For Royals there is of course the state funeral and laying in state.

The Erisian's however are not burried whole. Their interal organs are removed, creamated and created into glass orbs or hearts which are given to family members for rememberence. There is only a small guild of glass blowers who are trainned in this way in each city or town. And even though it is expensive, families save for these items.

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