Erisian Culture

As was previously mentioned, the Erisian Culture is patriachal. Men rule. Everything.
Women are seen as bargining chips for politcal power and moving up in the world.
Men control the Army, the Space Fleet, the Commercial Arena, the Religion everything.

The culture is also Feudal in the way that people live.
There is the High Lord, for lack of a better word, the Emperor.
Then there are the ruling kings,
The Priesthood and Dukes are next in line,
then the Earls and Lords beneath them
then the Merchant class
and then
the Common class.

Failure to comply with this system or to go against your father, husband, fiancee etc will result in harsh penalties for the Females of the world. Whippings of Women are common, as are mothers being placed in the stocks for failing to teach their daughters their place.

In the nobility daughters are bethrothed early, and married before they are 18. Sons are often married when they have completed Military Service (ages 15-25) and have had life experience.

High Born Boys get to go to School and they mostly go into the Military for 10 years as officers before taking up positions within the Noble class, unless they choose to stay in the Military (Most younger sons do or go into the priesthood)

High born Girls get tutored in basic household management and chores and married off.

Even the Common class boy gets a better education than high born girls and low born girls.

Most Common Class boys go into the Military unless they have been apprenticed to a Guild.

Low born girls are taught how to cook, clean, sew and do basic chores. If they are lucky they get hired as servants in great houses, if not then they marry a boy of their class, and have children or they fall into the underworld.

The Federation are trying to change this should Erisan want to join the Federation. This is hindering their application process greatly.

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