Fruit And Vegetables


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Fruit/Vegetable Characteristics/Taste Image Export/Import
n’hiap A hard fruit with a soft fleshy inside. Sour at first, though there is a sweet burst at the center n_hiap.jpg Export – though not often
nu’qdeis A pepper like Vegetable. Spicy and hardy. Grows on Vines that are found on trunks and branches. nu_qdeis.jpg N/A
Ang Moh Lychee A Sour fruit that is used mainly for spices. ang-moh-lychee.jpg N/A
s’maeor A vegetable that has a hard core like potatoes. When skinned and cut, it is normally cooked in My’lia oil. smaeor.jpg N/A
it’Ete A carrot like Vegetable that grows into the bark of trees. Is edible. itEte.jpg N/A
n’epbah A furry fruit with an extremely sweet taste. Is made into a fruit drink and a hard candy. Candy is known as n’ep. It is a Favorite of most children. n_epbah.jpg N/A
Ch'amhuey Golden fruit with a extremely spicy taste. Smooth skinned and all parts minus the stem is used in the making of Huey wine ch_amhuey.jpg Exported – Liquid Form.
S’acati A nice fruit whose seeds and skin are used in fermenting Cati Ale. The flesh is sweet and used in baking pies. S_acati.jpg Exported in Both Fruit form and Liquid Form.
ch’imera A wondrous fruit that when fermented became almost as potent in alcoholic content as their Romulan Ale. Ch’imera is tart on the outer layers and sweet on the inside. ch_imera.jpg Exported in Liquid Form.
D’elit Fresh and Crisp fruit with edible seeds. A normal breakfast food. D_elit.jpg N/A
S'mushu A fungus that is edible. Used in cooking s_mushu.jpg N/A
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