Native Plants


Plant Name Characteristics Image
Heis'he aefnumn The Love Flower. A plant used for courtship because of its wonderful color and smell. It is also used in Perfumes. The most important of it is a Perfume known as Heis’he Potion. This perfume is exported. Heis_he_aefnumn.jpg
Ch’Rihanale This plant gives off a nice smell. Ch_Rihanale.jpg
Tr-iolith Small yet bright, this flower once dried makes a nice rattling sound from the seeds inside the flesh Tr-iolith.JPEG
Hundred Eye Snapper Named by a young prince hundreds of years ago, the name stuck to this weird plant. It entraps insects in its jaws. HundredEyeSnapper.png
Ki’Lila A pretty Lilac type flower, used in cooking as it is edible. Ki_Lila.jpg
Purple Tongue A joke made by a famed high lord, stuck this pretty plant with an unflattering name PurpleTongue.jpg
Eitreihh F’itern Named as the Festival Fern, this plant grows in profusion in the colony. It Is used as a material in brooms and on floors. Eitreihh_F_itern.jpg
Phhfft aefnumn This plant gives off a mighty stink, hence the “Phhfft!” Name. Out in the forests there are many. Their stench attracts insects! Phhfft_aefnumn.JPG

WOOD Types

Tree Name Used For Image Export/Import
Blossommarrow Wood Carving, House building Blossommarrow.jpg Export
Fallclaw Wood Carving, House building Fallclaw.jpg Export
Heelcopse House Construction Heelcopse.jpg N/A
Hollylock House Construction Hollylock.jpg N/A
Junglehazel Wood Carving Junglehazel.jpg Export
Manebramble Wood Carving Manebramble.jpg Export
Shrubtalon Wood Carving Shrubtalon.jpg Export
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