Native Wild Life


Erisian has many normal domestic animals like cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, turkeys etc but they have an unsusual wild life native to the planet.

Many wild beasts were found on the planet:

Animal Name Characteristics Product Gained from the Animal Image Export/Import
Vo’ulge A small bird with a quill like fur. Makes a small squeaking sound. Meat and Fur Vo_ulge.jpg Exported Fur
T’isanak Worms. Not unlike Gagh that Klingons Eat they are meant to be eat alive Food Substance T_isanak.jpg Export to Klingons since Erisan became known to the galaxy at large
Bor’ith A medium sized animal which has a spotted and striped Fur Meat, milk and Fur Domesticated, Bor_ith.jpg Export Fur
Ky’lia Squid like Fish Meat, Oil Gotten from Rivers Ky_lia.jpg Neither
My’lia A cross between a Turtle and a fish Chitin, Meat Gotten from Rivers My_lia.jpg Export Chitin
K’ilant Water BUGS! Like shellfish the meat within is succulent Food Substance K_ilant.jpg Exported
T’kiit Bee A busy insect that gathers nectar from all the flowers. Makes honey Honey T_kiit_Bee.jpg N/A
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