The Politics of Erisan are rather ruthless.

There are four levels of 'government' as it were and they are:

The High Lord's Council - Chosen by the Current High Lord

The Ruling Kings Council - This Council is of the 6 ruling families.

The High Council - Elected from the Council of Lords, 7 Members of the nobility, report to the Kings Council and to the High Lords Council.

The Council of Lords - A council of 50 Lords, Dukes, Earls from all over the planet, elected by their peers.

Yes you read that right. None of the levels of government are open to the Common person to elect or stand for election. A position on the council of Lords can be bought at the right price.. or if your opponant drops dead from some strange illness. This has happened more than once, and during times of elections (held once every 5 years) many sitting members on the council of Lords and the High Council wind up dead. *The Assassin's Guild makes a lot of money during this time*

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