Solar System Information

The Erisia System

*One Sun, Called E'Ina

*Two twin B class planets Called Gael and Laeg that revolve around the sun in a close orbit opposite each other, each have two moons.
Gael’s= Morag and Junia.
Leag’s= Grag and Nia.

*One N Class planet named Haen, it has four moons, called Xia, Nian, Jura and Haal

*One M class planet Erisa which has five moons. Ina, Qqua, Sael, Merin, and Kael - Standard day is 28 earth hours.

*Three class K planets, in order from the sun after Erisa, Kaex, Leax, And Gaez
Their moons are called
Kaex= Moar, Ihlo, and Kaer
Leax= Maernn, Kaet, Lhel
Gaez= Marn, Kentrrrik

*One class C planet called Drian which has One moon called Kel

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