The Ruling Kings

The Erisian people are rulled in each region by Kings and within each of these 'City states' there are numerous Lords, Dukes, Earls etc.

There are currently 6 Ruling Kings, with one being the heir to the current High Lord
They are

King Pallas Lalor, of Hiran - He is the Representative to the High Kings's Council
King Edward Mirenth, of Mir
King James Lath, of Tirath- This king's alligance is murky at best. His daughter was among Princess Penelope's friends.
King Jules M'Ligh of Yesth
King George Wels, of the High Reach
King Nathanial Laslor, of Sirth.- His son was bethrothed to Princess Penelope Lalor, and supposedly killed by her.

These ruling families are spread out and most have 2 dukes beneath them with numerous Earls and Lords as well as Common folk in their regions.

The Lalors are the current ruling Family of the High Lords. The Captial of Erisa, is in it's own region, Erisant and is ruled by his Grace the Duke of Erisant, Miles Harri, who is also the Lord Chambelain to the Court. His family has ruled the region for centuries and are treated like kings. He does not however have a seat in the Ruling Kings Council, as the High Lord takes precedence over him.

In 2393, King Pallas Lalor suggested expanding their realm past their system (Which has one inhabital planet) to increase their infulence. This is currently under discussion.

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